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As a seasoned home daycare of 24 years, we know how important it is to have a warm, clean, loving home that as children grow older, they see it as a second home, and is quite comfortable. Parents have gone on vacation and had their children stay at the daycare home because it is a comfort zone, a home away from home. So much so that my graduating Angels and parents have kept in touch throughout their lives as I have been given their University graduate pictures.  It’s a great, great feeling to be entrusted with the most precious and valuable gifts for parents. We are proud to provide character, knowledge, stability, and confidence when going into the next stage of life, into kindergarten.

Why Choose Us?

A loving daycare is necessary for most parents because of the need for two incomes, to get by financially.  Single parents do not have the capacity to raise their young ones and hold down a job at the same time, so working outside the home is necessary.

In these times, parents are now working from home and need the silence for concentration in their home office meetings.

The parents are now required to have Zoom classes with older children and having a little one around demanding attention as babies and toddlers do, teachers, students, and Zoom class cannot function productively, sometimes needing a parent present during class.

This is where childcare can be a needed blessing.  Infants and toddlers are in their environment having all their little needs met, and happy, while some parents are at home, working with Zoom for other children’s schools or office work.

We work together.

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